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The Lizard of Brokenpod

The Lizard of Brokenpod

SKU: 9780946206247

The Hiskuros tribe has always been green, so when Hegga is born with a red stripe down the length of her body, it is clear that she is the lizard spoken of in the old prophesy, destined to reunite the Hiskuros and Allemenos tribes, which are split by the deep, fast-moving stream. The Hiskuros tribe is dying out, as more and more eggs fail to hatch each year, so Hegga must go on a perilous journey towards Brokenpod, where the Allemenos tribe live. Avoiding the dangers of Kestrels, adders, wasps and the stream itself, Hegga must reunite the two tribes in the hope of saving them both from extinction.



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