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Our school store had its beginnings as a small initiative with a big vision.  Its mission was to provide  the many beautiful and informative  Waldorf related products for our students, parents, and greater community while at the same creating income to support the operating  budget of the school  - a not-for-profit organization.  


The name Sophia holds a special significance in Waldorf education. In Waldorf schools, Sophia is often referred to as the "Goddess of Wisdom" or the "Divine Feminine" and is considered to be an archetype for wisdom, knowledge, and beauty.  This archetypal wisdom is regarded as a guiding force in the development of the child in Waldorf education. Waldorf schools seek to develop  the whole child, including their spiritual and moral development. Additionally, Waldorf education places a strong emphasis on cultivating a reverence for the natural world and an appreciation for beauty in all forms and thus the name ‘Celebrating Sophia’  was chosen as the name for Trillium’s school store.  This name is seen as a way of connecting with Sophia, whose association with the beauty and wisdom of the natural world is hopefully appreciated in the products provided by the school store.  


Starting with a few essential products like beeswax crayons and locally hand-crafted wooden toys as well as books on Waldorf education, parenting, and Anthroposophy,  Celebrating Sophia first stored its inventory in a Trillium teacher’s basement  and products were brought out for  display at community events like it’s fairs and open houses.  The inventory was later moved to Ignatius College, in the north end of Guelph,  where it had a small section of permanent display shelves and was open for purchases on a weekends.  In its final move to its present location at 540 Victoria Road, Trillium’s permanent home, Celebrating Sophia slowly evolved from shelving  in the school to recently having a presence online for placing orders.  In the future we hope that Celebrating Sophia will have  a dedicated school space once again to display its inventory as well as to provide online access to a great array of products for the greater community.  

Hide and Seek


Our mission is to provide students, teachers, and parents with access to a diverse range of products that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We believe that a holistic approach to education includes supporting the whole person, which includes the mind, body, and spirit.


We strive to offer products that are environmentally sustainable, ethically sourced, and promote healthy living practices. Our store is a hub for education and inspiration, with a focus on promoting mindfulness, self-care, and community building.


Our vision is to create a space that embodies the core values of Waldorf education - creativity, imagination, and reverence for nature. We strive to offer products that inspire wonder, curiosity, and a love of learning, while also supporting the Waldorf curriculum and ethos.

Our store is a hub for community building and artistic expression, with a focus on providing natural, high-quality materials for crafting, drawing, and painting. We believe in the power of play and imagination, and offer a range of toys and games that encourage open-ended play and imaginative exploration.

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