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Greenfield Fountain Pen

Greenfield Fountain Pen


Handwriting represents an absolute basic skill, one of the fundamental practices of human culture. With the Greenfield Fountain Pen, Mercurius offers the perfect writing implement. No keystroke could ever replace a child's joy at seeing ink being transformed on paper into their very own unique handwriting.
Using the high quality, robust Greenfield Fountain Pen, children learn to write with ease.

The solid barrel made of ash wood fits easily in the hand, while the ergonomically designed grip, with its soft, non-slip finger depressions, allows for a comfortable tripod-grip.

Replacement parts for the fountain pen are also sold separately: the grip with the nib, the cap, and the barrel.

Note: In order to avoid ink blockages, remove the ink cartridge and empty the nib completely when it will be idle for long periods of time. It will help extend the life of this writing tool.

Wood and plastic. Length: 130 mm, diam. 14 mm at the handle, 4 colours available. Designed for both right and left-handed people.

colour: 1 green | 2 blue | 3 red | 4 pink

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