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Evolution's End

Evolution's End

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It's time for the way we think about our families, our schools, and our lives to evolve.This passionate and provocative critique of the way we raise our children and undermine our society's future delineates the ways in which we thart our creative progess, and reveals a new landscape of possibilities for the next step in human evolution.


Brilliantly synthesizing twenty years of research into human intelligence, Joseph Chilton Pearce -- author of the bestsellers The Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Magical Child -- show how:· contemporary childbirth and daycare create a dangerous sense of alienation from the surrounding world· TV impedes vital neurological development· synthetic hormones in our foods foster premature sexual development, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy and rape· premature schooling contributes to potentially explosive frustration and rebellionThese everyday aspects of modern life have a cumulative effect, contributing to violence, child suicide, and deteriorating family and social structures.


Proposing crucial yet simple solutions, Pearce persuasively argues that we have the power to get out of our own way and unleash, instead, our "unlimited", awesome, and unknown" human potential as the culmination of three billion years of evolution.



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