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Hearing Our Calling: Rethinking Work and the Workplace

Hearing Our Calling: Rethinking Work and the Workplace

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For many of us, work is a source of anxiety rather than joy, and our workplace routine has become a strain on our lives. This unique book explores whether it's possible to develop a world of work which is, in fact, joyful, fulfilling and good for our health.


Insightful and practical, Hearing our Calling traces the history of work, challenging current work practices and routines we take for granted. Drawing on her extensive work with different organizations, the author exposes the corporate world and reveals a surprising and beautiful alternative. She argues that we all have a 'calling', and that hearing it is especially important in times of widespread unemployment and economic hardship.


This lucid and readable book invites us to think differently about how and where we work, both individually and as a society, and offers the potential for real change.



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