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School Renewal: A Spiritual Journey for Change

School Renewal: A Spiritual Journey for Change

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As a result of today's crisis in education, people are beginning to realize that schools involve far more than providing children with knowledge and skills. Schools are communities and, like all communities, may be healthy or unhealthy.


School Renewal addresses the problems and challenges of a school community. Through the use of fairy tales, myths, and the personal experience of Waldorf education, Torin Finser describes how both teachers and parents can come to grips with common problems such as burnout, interpersonal conflicts, and the traps of routine.


Most important, the author stresses that an educational community must come to terms with the many unseen dimensions of each individual. He shows how these little-understood aspects of the mind can be cultivated and nourished to keep the school and education alive.


School Renewal does not offer formulas and slapdash solutions. Rather, it encourages a whole new way of thinking about education and personal growth - for children and for the adults who care about them.


"...if one wish could be granted me on behalf of school renewal, I would ask for significant improvement in the quality of sleep afforded to parents and teachers. No other change has the potential to do more good than simply eliminating the state of chronic exhaustion found by the end of the week in most schools."


“Torin Finser understands what it’s like to deeply care about the education of our children. His message will be a healing balm for those open to his wise and practical counsel. I want to rush out and buy a copy of this book for every teacher and parent I know.” ―Eric Utne, founder of Utne Reader


“Extremely accessible, down to earth, and full of very important insights. I highly recommend this book.” ―Dave Alsop, Chairman, Association of Waldorf Schools of North America


“Splendid ... not just teachers, but parents, students, and just plain stressed-out citizens would benefit from the wisdom, information, and insight Finser offers.” ―Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child and Evolution’s End


“Wise guidance for those of us who want to be good stewards of our children and the schools that serve them.” ― Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach and Let Your Life Speak“


An exciting and refreshing book for parents and teachers ... in his clear and concise writing, Torin has shown us how to bring common sense back to our schools.” ―Jim Grant, Executive Director, Staff Development for Educators“


For Finser, school renewal is about self-development ... the suggestions offered here contribute to new ways of thinking about education and personal growth. Highly recommended for school administrators, teachers, community groups, and parents." ―Library Journal"


Shows that a healthy school community is one that is able to recognize and work with the problems that can mar even the most liberal and creative educational systems: burnout, stress, and interpersonal conflict." ―NAPRA Review



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