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The 12 Days o Yule

The 12 Days o Yule

SKU: 9781782502081

"On the 1st day o Yuletide,

My true luve gied tae me,

A reid robin in a rowan tree."


Take a deep breath and prepare for a journey through all twelve days of Yuletide with a cast of skaters skooshin, lassies birlin, sheep a-shooglin and the all-important five gowden rings.


The stunningly beautiful illustrations bring this Scots version of the ever-popular Christmas song to life in vivid detail. Inspired by the traditional verse, this adaptation features easy-to-understand (and pronounce) Scots words and creatures, including hoolets (owls) and bonnie doos (beautiful doves).


Perfect for children and parents to read and sing along to, throughout the holiday season.



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