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The Queen of the Silver Castle

The Queen of the Silver Castle

SKU: 9780863152917

Pwyll, King of Dyfed, is hunting in the Red Forest when he sees a magnificent stag through the mist. In the heat of the chase Pwyll strays beyond the standing stones that mark the boundary with the Kingdom of Annwn, and is brought face to face with the Grey Hunter. Disguised as each other, they exchange identities, and Pwyll enters the Otherworld as the mighty Grey Hunter with the task of defeating King Havgan in single combat. Pwyll's adventures lead him to encounters with the Druids, ancient magic and consequences for his own Kingdom of Dyfed. This books beautifully retells the stories from the Red Book of Hergest, which itself is just one of the Celtic manuscripts that form the Welsh epic The Mabinogion.



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