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The Witches' Mark

The Witches' Mark

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Superstitious anglers; corrupt, feudal property owners; starving tenants―and an old lady who talks to the birds and animals and who is branded as a witch by the local villagers.


When fifteen-year-old Murdo befriends Old Pheemie, he discovers the hard way that the seventeenth-century East Neuk of Fife is not a good place to be if you are associated with anyone thought to be a witch.


Caught up in matters beyond their control, Murdo and his friend Alex find themselves in a race against time to save Pheemie before Silas Pow, the witch hunter, arrives to find her witches’ mark.


This is a gripping tale set against a backdrop of witch trials, superstition, and smuggling.


(Ages 9–12)



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