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The Underground City: 3 (Kelpies)

The Underground City: 3 (Kelpies)

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On the eve of his return to Scotland, Lewis Grant is dared to spend the night at a haunted desert oasis. Even the Bedouin refuse to visit Al Antara at night, knowing that a mighty djinn lives there. But this doesn't worry Lewis, who promptly rises to the bait. Things do not go according to plan, however, and Lewis's arrival in Edinburgh is accompanied by a series of events that defy explanation. Set against the backdrop of the spooky Mary King’s Close, Neil and Clara Maclean find themselves embroiled with ghosts, super heroes, and bank robbers, not to mention the Christmas pantomime. Will the MacArthurs get back from their holiday in time to avert disaster? Enjoy a third outing for them and their dragon, as monsters and mayhem return in a breathtaking tale of magic and nightmare. Books in the "Dragonfire"



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