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The Wings of Ruksh (Kelpies)

The Wings of Ruksh (Kelpies)

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“Strange as it may seem, as he came in to land at Edinburgh Airport last year, the captain of the London flight reported sighting a dragon...”


A year on, and life has calmed down for Neil and Clara MacLean. A quiet meal in the Sultan’s palace restaurant. What could go wrong? But they hadn't counted on the mirror! How is it connected to the missing Sultan’s crown, and what secrets does the mysterious Black Tower hold? Winged horses, snow witches, magic mirrors―how did they get here and where are they going?


From an Edinburgh literally cloaked in tartan, through the forbidding Highland hills, Neil and Clara set out with old and new friends on a perilous journey full of danger, daring―and a reluctant broomstick.



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